Six artists (including an artists duo) have been selected by the director, Carine Tissot, to take on the corridors of each of the Drawing Hotel’s five

Thomas Broomé  •  Françoise Petrovitch  •  Clément Bagot  •  Abdelkader Benchamma  •  LEK & SOWAT  •  Stéphane Perraud



Thomas Broomé uses repetition, a recurrent theme in his work generally, in his piece for the Drawing Hotel. Broomé uses many supports, from the traditional paintbrush to new technologies such as film, music, and advertising.

On the fith floor, in one of the Drawing Hotel’s suites, Broomé ceaselessly reiterates words drawn on the corridor’s walls with varying perspectives.

Represented by Bendana-Pinel gallery



Françoise Pétrovitch is an art professor at ESAIG Estienne in Paris. Her work engages with different areas of artistic creation, including drawing, painting, sculpture, printing, and more. Her passion for art emerged at the early age of six, when she already expressed her wish to become an artist who draws.

In 2015, the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) in Washington, D.C., selected Pétrovitch to participate in the ‘Women to Watch’ biennial contemporary art exhibition.
Pétrovitch has chosen to experience the artistic adventure of the Drawing Hotel through her work ‘Behind Eyelids’ (Derrière les paupières). She considers a night in a hotel as a night of its own that one spends in an in-between state in a different place, similar to intermittent fragments. Petrovitch has thus created a sequential cinema session along the corridor, which induces an open-eyed experience of drowsiness.

Represented by Sémiose gallery

Clément Bagot defines conceiving contemporary drawing as “multifold through the choice of supports, media, and environment.” Participating in the Drawing Hotel’s enterprise has provided the opportunity to experiment with drawing in a new relation to size and space. Bagot successfully created a piece within the given architectural constraints, which have been essential here as they determine the locations and sizes of his works as well as their hues.

To Bagot, drawing is an intuitive medium that represents the most direct connection between the mind and the hand. Bagot’s practice favours clear lines and their reverberations by playing on contrasts between strokes of black or white ink upon solid-colored grounds on paper.

Bagot’s work refers to satellite imagery and maps, thereby extending an invitation to travel, discover, and contemplate. What an apt theme for a hotel and its guests.

Represented by Eva Hober gallery


Abdelkader Benchamma lives and works between Paris and Montpellier. He had studied ne arts in Montpellier before continuing at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he obtained his diploma in 2003.

In 2005, after spontaneously sending his sketchbook ‘The Last Will Be The Last’ (Les derniers seront les derniers) to Galerie agnès b. He participated in the exhibition Draw! curated by Jean-François Sanz at Galerie du jour agnès b. in Paris. He was here identified as an emerging talent in the contemporary arts drawing scene, and has since had many exhibitions in France and internationally.

Represented by Agnès b. gallery


Lek & Sowat, an artist duo since 2010, share an interest in Urban Exploration, a pursuit that consists in scouting for modern ruins in cities. They reach beyond the confines of conventional graffiti on site, combining architectural abstractions, temporary installations, and videos.

In 2012, the Mausolée project led them to the covert gathering of 40 urban artists in a vacant shopping mall, which then opened the doors to Palais de Tokyo in Paris.
They were the first artists rooted in graffiti to sojourn in the prestigious Villa Medici in Rome from 2015 to 2016.

Participating in the Drawing Hotel’s enterprise is a challenging new adventure that has enabled them to explore new materials and knowhow, as well as an audience beyond city dwellers. They have explored the many possibilities of the lights, wallpaper, rugs, and carpets, to allow guests to fully immerse themselves in a 360 degree experience.

Represented by Polka Galerie


« A flat antenna shaped like climbing ivy covers the building’s facade. It intercepts all high- frequency waves in the sky, some of which come from distant lands. Every day, this data feeds into a calendar chart in real time and gets transposed into a series of singular sketches. This drawing device listens to the world, hacks it and engages in its transmutation. It thus produces a transitory fresco of the electromagnetic waves that traverse our surroundings and penetrate our bodies. »

Stéfane Perraud is represented by the Galerie De Roussan