Clément Bagot

Clément Bagot defines conceiving contemporary drawing as “multifold through the choice of supports, media, and environment.” Participating in the Drawing Hotel’s enterprise has provided the opportunity to experiment with drawing in a new relation to size and space. Bagot successfully created a piece within the given architectural constraints, which have been essential here as they determine the locations and sizes of his works as well as their hues.

To Bagot, drawing is an intuitive medium that represents the most direct connection between the mind and the hand. Bagot’s practice favours clear lines and their reverberations by playing on contrasts between strokes of black or white ink upon solid-colored grounds on paper.

Bagot’s work refers to satellite imagery and maps, thereby extending an invitation to travel, discover, and contemplate. What an apt theme for a hotel and its guests.

Represented by Eva Hober gallery

His work at the Drawing Hotel